Interior Design

Our Client's needs are the teams' main concern. Their participation is reassured at all stages during the implementation and planning of a project. Space planning is also used in our projects in order for us to gather a client's ideas and turn them into reality. For any kind of project, our team is in charge of all its preparation and details from the conceptual phase up to the final installation, ensuring a high quality design. We provide exceptional service that consists of our very own project management for your interior design needs making sure the timelines and budgets are met. We guarantee that our orderly designs rely mostly on our clients and ensure that our designs produce a distinctive, advanced resolution that will stabilize between aesthetics and practicality. We are dedicated to providing the best before, during, and after the completion of a project.



Usually, clients have multiple options when selecting a construction company to help execute their design projects. While partnering with FDG, clients can receive both the planning and the construction aspects of designing. We provide these general contracting services and as an Interior Design / Construction Group, one of our first challenges is to fully understand where to start throughout the construction process. The construction team will work closely with our design team to develop conceptual designs, representational designs, and scale that forms links among our projects. Full service contracting, employment and materials for these construction projects reduce cycle times. Our clients' project objectives and building desires are what matter the most throughout the construction process. The primary objective is to develop a successful project that assures the most accurate structural solutions provided for our clients, along with the community. We will help transform your space to expose our customers' vision.


Design + Build

The designing process begins early in the developmental stages side by side with our designing and contracting team. We provide a professional demonstration throughout the design and building process from planning the design and finishing it up with construction work. Our goal is to provide every customer with the project they planned in a timely manner and under budget with high quality. We provide more services towards a projects completion while accepting its responsibility towards both its design and construction. We are capable of the best from our very own experts by their creativity and detailing of plans from the beginning phases while following our clients' aspirations. Skills and resources ensure cost assurance for our customers and partners. Our team guarantees a final result provided by full dedication and commitment to delivering the highest level of excellence for our clients.


Decoration Package

Decorating a home can be a stressful process, even more if it is not in your home town. FDG has the products and talent to meet all your furnishing needs. Everything from our value-priced "Investor Package" to custom design projects. Our Design Consultants' Team can work with you on space planning, furniture selection, color coordination and window treatment to ensure you get the comfortable and attractive home you seek. All within a time frame and budget that suits you and your taste! Our team speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.
Our goal is to make the process easy and enjoyable!


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